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About Us

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association's (WVVA) mission is to build awareness for the Willamette Valley as a premier year-round travel destination through marketing, sales and destination development. Comprising six visitor associations, WVVA serves as the regional destination marketing organization for the Willamette Valley, driving visitor expenditures and economic impact to all parts of the region.

Willamette Valley Visitors Association


630 Center St NE Suite 100 Salem OR 97301

Dawnielle Tehama

Executive Director

Dawnielle Tehama brings a wealth of experience to her role as WVVA's executive director. She has worked with public lands groups; state and county parks; national parks and monuments and federal agencies. Her branding, strategy, creative development, and media background allow her to promote the Willamette Valley's beauty and bounty in an ethically responsible and sustainable way. She is also the proud mother of two teenage daughters. 

Jessy Fabrizio-Stover

Outdoor Recreation and Global Sales Coordinator

Jessy Fabrizio-Stover began working with WVVA as an AmeriCorps RARE (Resource Assistance of Rural Environments) in 2021. Within Outdoor Recreation Development, Jessy identifies and highlights recreational opportunities throughout the Valley to build a stronger, more diverse outdoor recreation network throughout the region. Additionally, as Global Sales Coordinator she promotes the Willamette Valley domestically and internationally as a premier, year-round travel destination. 

Augusta Stockman

AmeriCorps RARE member

Augusta Stockman joins WVVA as an AmeriCorps RARE member (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments) hailing from Maine. As Destination Development Coordinator, she aims to enhance and promote the tourism offerings of the region through stakeholder collaboration and community engagement. Her projects include the expansion of trail accessibility surveying to help recreationists make informed decisions about enjoying outdoor spaces, coalition building and outreach around new river access points to enhance visitor and local experiences, and recreation development to support economic recovery in wildfire-impacted communities.

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The entire Willamette Valley is represented through board membership: South Clackamas County (Clackamas County Tourism), Yamhill County Tourism Partnership, Marion and Polk Counties (Travel Salem), Linn County (Albany Visitors Association), Benton County (Visit Corvallis), and East Lane County (Travel Lane County).

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association (WVVA) recognizes that specific communities have been excluded from feeling welcome, safe, and represented in the Willamette Valley region. We acknowledge this with humility and a responsibility to important and challenging work ahead. We are committed to upholding policies, ideals, and practices that hold our association accountable, and ask for persistent efforts toward making the Willamette Valley region accessible and enjoyable to all visitors and residents, regardless of their individual identity. WVVA is dedicated to building an organization that mirrors and honors the diversity within the Willamette Valley, by inviting, supporting, and sustaining a diverse workforce and partner base. 

We at WVVA are committed to the following shared values: 

● Acknowledging that not all people have the same story, needs, or point-of-view as our own. 

● Pursuing new voices to share in, and at times guide, our conversations. 

● Understanding that equity takes dedicated time, focus and resources. 

● Seeking feedback and investing in repair work. 

● Meeting all visitors and community members where they are and creating space to listen. 

● Recognizing that Diversity Equity and Inclusion work is critical to the success of WVVA and the Willamette Valley. 

● Aspiring to be a model for other organizations in what regional equity looks like. 

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association commits to the demanding and necessary work of remaining inquisitive, focused, and fearless in the face of inequality. We believe through aligned efforts we can affect change in our region, our industry, and ourselves. 

Our organization has worked with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a global leader in online training and certification programs, to be designated as a Certified Autism Center™ (CAC). Our staff has completed training and certification in best practices when assisting autistic individuals. By undergoing additional autism-specific training, the goal is for our team to be better equipped to provide better service and experiences to all. Click to  learn more about Certified Autism Center™ 

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