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dine & drink
dine & drink

tasting is what we in the willamette valley might do best

We’re constantly swirling, sipping and sampling to ensure the best flavor. But that extends to more than Pinot. Come hungry because you will find a stellar culinary scene in every corner of the Willamette Valley. We’ve got acres of farms with organic livestock and produce destined for chefs at our countless award-winning restaurants, café’s and diners. Willamette Valley’s craft brew scene is a force to be reckoned with too, and cider houses and distilleries continue to delight customers in every corner of wine country. It’s safe to say that you won’t go thirsty here.

Some of Oregon’s best restaurants call the Willamette Valley home. Talented (some award-winning) chefs create delectable dishes, often using locally sourced ingredients. This should come as no surprise — these culinary pioneers launched the farm-to-table dining revolution.  


regenerative experiences

In the Willamette Valley, we’re passionate about not only providing visitors with the best wine, culinary and craft brew experiences but also promoting sustainable and regenerative travel practices. We believe that travel should contribute to the well-being of both the visitors and the local community. Join us in practicing regenerative travel and explore the best of Willamette Valley while making a positive impact. Whether you’re here for a wine tour, culinary adventure or craft brew trail with regenerative stops. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to the well-being of Willamette Valley’s environment and community.

The hit television series “Top Chef” spent some of its 18th season in the Willamette Valley, and we’ve put together some pages to help you enjoy a “Top Chef: Portland” experience of your own the next time you’re visiting.

Take a road trip that connects “Top Chef: Portland” filming locations throughout the region (including some that didn’t make it to air); peruse our “Top Chef: Portland”-inspired itinerary teeming with farms, markets, eateries, and more; and explore our food trails for locally sourced snacks and ingredients.

U-pick opportunities are abundant along the farm loops and food trails around the Willamette Valley. Photo by Joshua Rainey

The Willamette Valley is known for its wide-ranging agricultural output—grapes for wine, hops for beer, flowers, hazelnuts, and so forth. So if you’d like to get a feel for the region’s unique offerings, consider taking a self-guided trip through the farm loops and food trails of the Willamette Valley.

Learn more about the U-pick farms, restaurants, tasting rooms, and other experiences you’ll find along the way—and how to get started.

Some of the nation’s top crops spring from the rich soils of the Willamette Valley. Get your fill of fresh foods at the many farm stands and markets across the valley.

Craft brewers and distillers are making a name for themselves in Oregon wine country. Stop in for tasty microbrews, ciders and spirits made with locally-grown hops, barley and produce.

The wine scene in the Willamette Valley is a year-round affair. Stop by during any season to sample the astonishing number of choices sure to please your palate.

Your how-to guide to experiencing the Willamette Valley’s vineyards and wineries.


Your adventure begins with the official Willamette Valley Travel Guide. Request your complimentary printed guide or download a digital guide today.

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