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farm and food: agritourism in the valley
farm and food: agritourism in the valley

Farm and Food

Each year, the Willamette Valley produces more than 170 crops that show up on plates all over the region, state and nation. Farmers work our volcanic soils, rich in nutrients and a cool marine breeze creates a mild climate providing just the right conditions to grow hops for our craft beer, berries for our pies and milkshakes, and of course, grapes for our world-famous wine. Oh, and we dig around for truffles too.

With such a renowned growing region—and so much to eat and drink along the way—we wanted to share a bit about how to make the most of your time exploring the bounty of Oregon’s food trails and farm loops by combining agriculture with tourism to discover a whole new way to experience the Valley.

Wondering how best to experience the bounty of the Willamette Valley? We’ve got the inside scoop from where to go, when to visit and what awaits you.


sustainable farming and regenerative travel

The Willamette Valley is a place where farmers, winemakers, and tastemakers are passionate about sharing their love for the land and the products they create. They prioritize preserving and protecting the health of the valley as part of their mission towards becoming a more sustainable region. Oregon has the greatest commitment to sustainable farming of any wine region in the United States, and now, the focus is shifting towards regeneration. Regenerative tourism is the idea that visitors should leave a place better than it was before and represents a sustainable way of traveling and discovering new places. Strike up a conversation around conservation when visiting the Willamette Valley.

Willamette Valley farmers are known the world over for growing fresh fruits, vegetables and hazelnuts, for crafting award-winning beers, wines, and more. With such a renowned farming community—and so much to eat and drink along the way—a pair of programs (Willamette Valley Food Trails and Oregon Farm Loops) have been created to make the Willamette Valley’s farming culture more accessible to visitors.


Here is a seasonal guide to some of the Willamette Valley’s best-known crops, when they’re in season, and where you can enjoy the bounty of the region all year long.


Explore our unique wine-growing areas and discover how our wine is grown and how that imparts different flavors on the grapes. What’s more, you can learn about Willamette Valley’s distinct growing regions—most commonly called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs).


Your adventure begins with the official Willamette Valley Travel Guide. Request your complimentary printed guide or download a digital guide today.

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