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Plan your Next Epic Adventure With the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map

Whatever your favorite outdoor activity, you’ll find it around Corvallis and the wider Benton County region. From the forested Oregon Coast Range foothills to the lush lowlands of the Willamette Valley, Benton County offers picturesque playgrounds for all kinds of year-round recreation—hiking, biking, paddling, camping, and even picnicking and foraging. (After all: Who says “outdoor fun” has to only mean climbing mountains or running a marathon?)

Best of all, these adventures are on display in the brand-new Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map, available online and at businesses around the Willamette Valley. If you’re interested in getting outside around Corvallis this summer and beyond, this will help you get started.

What is the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map?

Spearheaded by Visit Corvallis and a handful of local organizations, the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map is exactly what it sounds like: a map, available as a printed product or as a digital PDF, that offers ideas and locations for outdoor opportunities all over Corvallis and Benton County. Never before has one guide brought together such a wide range of recreation ideas, from rugged mountain bike trails to quiet picnic sites. 

In addition to inspiring your next epic adventure, the map also showcases some of the region’s top sites—along with resources for staying safe and making the most of your time outside. Be aware that the map is useful for trip planning but isn't intended to be a detailed trail map.

What’s Included in the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map?

The Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map is chockablock with ideas, tips, suggestions, and good-to-know information you’ll need for a fun experience. Here’s just a bit of what’s covered:

Outdoor highlights: The map includes deep dives on four bucket-list experiences around Corvallis: Marys Peak, the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range; Alsea Falls Recreation Site, where a thundering waterfall is just one of many attractions; the 60-mile Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail, which traverses the Oregon Coast Range; and the 187-mile Willamette River Water Trail, which passes through downtown Corvallis. 

Wide range of activities: We’ve put together a list of 18 outdoor activities around Benton County—and offer ideas for where to enjoy each. So whether you want to hike, bike, visit a historical site, or even forage in our forests, we tell you where to go.

Logistics: Do you need permits or passes for your desired destination? Which seasons are best for getting outdoors? How can you stay safe and be respectful of your public lands? We’ve answered all these questions—and many more—in the map.

Where Can You Pick Up a Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map?

You can find the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map at a wide variety of businesses throughout the Willamette Valley—but you can also download a PDF for on-the-go planning here and at the official Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map website.

Your adventure begins with the official Willamette Valley Travel Guide. Request your complimentary printed guide or download a digital guide today.

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