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RDEI Committee Commitment Form

  • Two absences are permitted with notice to the Chair and supporting staff.
  • I'm also available for Committee and community meetings.
  • I also commit to ~4 hours of work per month.

  Participated in diversity, equity, and inclusion training
  My organization supports race diversity equity and inclusion work
  I am in communication with the local destination organization

  Attend all scheduled meetings. I will let my team know immediately if something arises that prevents me from attending.
  Complete all pre-work for work sessions.
  Actively participate in work sessions.
  Respond to email requests or decision needs promptly (within 48 hours).
  Support my team and the organization with my time and talent.
  I understand this commitment to be an estimated 4 hours per month and a two year term.

If selected to be on the committee, responses to 1 - 3 below will be used on our public facing WVVA DEI webpage.

1. This work is important to me because?

2. I hope to see ________ come from this initiative?

3. Briefly describe two unique things about you and/or the experiences you have had?

4. I have the following concerns.

5. What other ways would you like to contribute? Or any other comments?

Name *

E-mail *

Thank you for your commitment to Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and your willingness to join efforts with WVVA. The RDEI Committee will be selected by WVVA staff from those willing and able to meet the commitments of the committee. The core committee will consist of up to 8 members selected to include diverse perspectives and experiences, including geographic representation and industry sector.

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